Scout Candidate Relocation Assistance2017-03-28T13:09:32-05:00

Candidate Relocation Assistance

SCOUT has teamed up with a team of Real Estate Advisors that makes relocation easy on both ends of a transfer.

  • A major consideration when accepting a new employment offer can be relocation factors
  • Candidates that are relocating are interested in knowing what is available before they arrive (housing availability, cost of living information, school options, entertainment available)
  • Our team of Real Estate Advisors are available to help any time. Need help moving your new hire across town, the state, the country, around the world?
  • Do you want the comfort of knowing the handling of your new hire’s packing, moving and storage needs are taken care of?  Yes, they can coordinate and assist in this area as well
  • SCOUT can provide information and/or assistance to a spouse in obtaining employment opportunities when needed

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