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Contingency Search Services

In most cases, search agreements will be on a contingency basis placing the responsibility on SCOUT to perform.  If you already have an internal recruiting team or a third-party search partner established, SCOUT can be an additional, value-add resource. Becoming a valued partner, SCOUT will relieve the burden of time intensive search and qualification efforts.

SCOUT collaborates with its clients to design the best plan of action for delivery of clients business needs.  Although this method does not require SCOUT clients to rely exclusively on SCOUT, it does increase the probability to review the very best candidates in the workforce.  SCOUT has the ability and resources to search for candidates nationwide. SCOUT does not rely strictly on outdated databases, it focuses its search on passive candidates providing the greatest compatibility with clients execution and culture requirements.

A contingent search agreement makes SCOUT a results driven partner. By having complete understanding of its client’s needs, SCOUT representatives increase likelihood of success for a seamless on-boarding transition for you and your new employee.  SCOUT considers the full scope of client needs including skills required, organizational culture, physical environment, organizational mission/vision, etc.)

Remember, no matter which resource provides top talent, the best candidate always wins. That means you, the client always WINS!